Hamro IX

Hamro IX is the first private Internet eXchange in Nepal. And the first Internet eXchange in Province 1.

Here is how you can join Hamro IX:
You should be able to get your network connected to Hamro IX if you run your own AS and have announced at least one resource. Hamro IX 100M port is free for everyone; no matter if small hobby AS or big ISP, but this also means that it's financed by donations. So if you want to support the IX and help it keep alive, we're happy to receive your donation :)

Also, all ports >100M require a donation to ensure keeping the IX alive.

If you fit these requirements and you think your network should be connected to Hamro IX, please contact us at support at hamro dot com or join our Telegram Group and we'll be happy to welcome you :)


ASN Member Speed IP
212268 Nobins Pvt Ltd 1 GB/s 2a0e:b107:f21::2
207149 Julien Sansonnens
Zaledia networks
100 MB/s 2a0e:b107:f21::3
212237 Phoenix Network 100 MB/s 2a0e:b107:f21::4
207740 Youssef Hamed 100 MB/s 2a0e:b107:f21::5
212271 C1V Hosting 10 GB/s
139882 FusedIT Trust
OceanIX Internet Exchange
100 MB/s 2a0e:b107:f21::7
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